Saturday 19 February 2011

Eggs and Bacon Anyone?

What a perfect day for eggs and bacon............

and there's no better place to enjoy it than at Eggs and Bacon Bay!  I was ambling along towards Gordon when I saw the intriguing sign "Eggs and Bacon Bay" so I diverted a few kilometres from the main road down a winding country lane.  At the bottom was a large bay with "NO CAMPING" signs everywhere, oh no......... then realised this wasn't Eggs and Bacon Bay which was signposted 1.7km further on.  

Arrived here at this idyllic little bay and found a turnout beside the dirt road big enough for 2 vehicles.  On our morning walk we went further along the road towards the shacks on the hillside and discovered a grassed area with toilets and tank water and NO "no camping signs", in fact it said rubbish bins are for campers and day picnickers only!!.  Had a search and it's not listed anywhere but maybe best to keep it that way or it will end up being closed down like so many other good sites :-)  

Feels really good to have "discovered" a fabulous little camping spot and the ideal place to hole up for a couple of rainy days.

Oh and stand by for a review on Billy Connolly - On the spur of the moment purchased a ticket to his "The Man" show which is being held at the Derwent Entertainment Centre on Monday night.  Don't ask how much :-( but it's going to be my excursion for this trip.