Sunday 6 March 2011

Historic Event!!

Yes, at last, the great day has arrived and the iD Pet Collars extravaganza had it's first public airing.

The locale for this momentous event was the Combined Breeds Dog Club Show at the Hobart Showgrounds.

I'd originally booked for the Sunday Market but on arrival at 7am found they didn't have any stalls with power left!

Ellen (who is parked next to me, with Ian) said "why not try the dog show?"  At first I was reluctant as dog show people can be a rather exacting lot, but after thinking it over went down and asked if I could set up a stall there - and they agreed!

Ellen & Ian helped me carry things down, and with Skye & Tim safely locked in the motorhome (sorry doggies) we set up the stall - first the very fetching turquoise sheet was placed on the table then the flyers, name banner and plush puppy models were artistically arranged on top.

It was an interesting day - in the end 4 large collars were sold and 3 others have placed orders, including a woman from Port Sorrell who wants me to embroider on her collars,

As I'd expected the quality of my collars wasn't quite up to their standards!  I'm aiming more at the "pet" market but will definitely rethink the show market - the "other" Annie up in Darwin has sent me some photos of the collars she uses which are more the style that the show people use - a sort of check chain style but made from webbing.

All in all a good, although VERY tiring day - I only lasted 2 hours there and then came home and slept for 3 hours!! Need to build up the old stamina a bit.