Thursday 28 March 2013


Whilst Angel, the corgi cross, was left in our care her humans enjoyed themselves on a trip to Cape Town, South Africa.

Not to be outdone however, Angel made the most of HER holiday and managed to teach Levi a few useful skills like walking nicely on a lead and sitting quietly outside shops, especially if there was food in the offing.

Both doggies shared in this delicious breakfast feast of Eggs Benedict with a classic hollandaise sauce (none of this cheats version with vinegar) from the Go Cafe in Goomalling's main street.

Goomalling is a really friendly little town with a strong community spirit.  Monday lunchtime sees various groups preparing and selling lunch in the Old Railway Building in Ansley Park, a great meal for a few dollars and the profits go to the group.

The Community Resource Centre seems to be very active and whilst I was there attended a free seminar "What happened to our food" given by Gary Russell a Nutritionist from Wongan Hills which was very informative and interesting.

Goomalling is a true RV Friendly town with good parking a dump point and a freedom camp about 3km from the centre of town BUT hardly anyone bothers to use it … WHY?  Well the Goomalling Caravan Park  has some of the best rates I've found anywhere …

However, my very favourite place in Goomalling is Regal and Rustic run by Cathy Jensen (who also happened to be my neighbour across the road).

As well as being a very talented textile designer Cath is a fabulous cook — inspired by a recent trip to Tasmania she cooked a scallop pie with a light, flaky puff pastry.  There goes the diet … again

Regal and Rustic offers an eclectic mix of textiles, jewellery, china and furniture all chosen with Cathy's artistic eye and with an emphasis on quality craft.
Cathy who is a qualified craft teacher holds a wide variety of classes including felting, dying and printing, crochet, bookmaking … what can't this woman do!

Cathy doesn't have a website but has a page on Facebook