Thursday 28 February 2013

New friends for Levi

Because I'll be petsitting again at Anna & Robs later this year it was important to pay them a visit with Levi so we could see how he got on with Jett and Ruby the Flat Coated Retrievers and of course Priscilla and Sylvester the moggies.
Please sit nicely together so Anna can take your photo

Levi waiting patiently for his special treat … these three are such good, obedient dogs.

So, how did it go … excellently! Ruby and Jett are really friendly, sociable dogs as of course is Levi so they all got on really well together even though Levi is younger by far than either of them.

What about the cats? Levi had a scarey experience with a black cat at Margaret River. The cat was sleeping in a camp chair and Levi sniffed it from the back (as dogs are wont to do) which was acceptable BUT then he tried to sniff it's head and the cat jumped up spitting, growling and hissing with it's hair on end … Levi yelped and took off for his life.

I was really interested to see what his reaction to Sylvester and Priscilla would be … Priscilla was sitting in the centre of the path when we arrived and she continued to sit there when we came in the front gate. After Levi and Ruby and Jett had checked each other out and decided they were all going to be good friends it was time to go into the house BUT … we had to pass the CAT.

What did Levi do … well what any self-respecting and sensible dog would do … he took a wide detour around the CAT keeping a wary eye on it.

Later that evening Priscilla, in particular, continued to provoke Levi by coming up to him all the time, he managed to avoid her and kept his self-composure.