Saturday 29 January 2011

A day at an Independent Camp

The past few days we've been at a lovely free campsite near Bracknell (around 30km south west of Launceston) - it's a real bush camp situated on the Liffey River and surrounded by farmland.

Skye has been enjoying drinking and paddling in the lovely clear river water which is flowing quite strongly after the recent heavy rain.  The local council have put up a notice saying it isn't safe to swim in the river at the present time.

As it's a bush camp we were able to have a campfire which pleased the Girl Guide in me.
Skye says I'll have the lamb chops please (okay she didn't exactly say "please" more like lamb chops NOW!!)
Wursthaus Kransky sausages, lamb chops from the Westbury butcher and vegetable kebabs - delicious

And to follow........freshly percolated coffee
What do you do after a lovely, filling campfire meal - you sit back, relax and read a book (on your Kindle of course!)