Sunday 17 October 2010

Skye's 12th Birthday

Today is Skye's 12th birthday and so, of course, we HAD to go to a cafe to celebrate!

It's a bit hard finding a dog-friendly cafe in Queensland (such an uncivilised lot up here - dog's are not allowed in eating areas).  But fortunately for Skye & Timmy there are places that make an exception - there's an excellent cafe at Boreen Point called Top Shop where you can sit discretely outside with your pets.

All the food is house made and the chef really knows what she's doing - delicious, authentic Thai fishcakes - Skysie and myself chose the seafood sampler plate with salt and pepper squid, 2 fishcakes and 3 prawns.  Skye ate half the prawns (more than enough for a small(ish) dog.

 And for desert (for the humans only) - shares in a chocolate fudge cake AND bread and butter pudding made with croissant and genuine egg custard. I've ever tasted.
After lunch we went for a drive along the lakeside where Skye enjoyed hanging out the window when we were just ambling along at 10kph.

Lots of people were out enjoying the sunshine after the last couple of weeks of very wet weather.