Saturday 23 October 2010

Dominique & Guy's Housesitting

What a fabulous week it's been here on the Noosa hinterland! The countryside is SO green after all the life-giving rains and the rivers and dams are full to overflowing.

This is the view from Dominique and Guy's lovely property. Lush tropical rainforest with the wonderful Mt Cooran, a volcanic plug, as backdrop.

The house is surrounded by verandahs on all sides with an abundance of seating and dining areas - here's Laurie reading and enjoying a cuppa at her favourite afternoon spot - the view above is off to the left from the front of the motorhome.

Ahhhhhh life is so hard!!

Having access to Dominique's kitchen means we can have a big cookup - here's Mama Laurie cooka da spagetti sauce!

Of course we're still continuing to explore the area and sussing out the best cafes - yesterday we had a lovely drive down to Peregian Beach - brunch at the German Baked Poetry Cafe - I had eggs in a glass (soft boiled) with bacon, tomatoes, cheese and a trio of delicious breads - excellent!  Laurie had a croissant - also pronounced very good (but not as good as those at Maison de Provence in Cooroy.)

The doggies were able to sit nearby tied up to a Pandanas tree - Peregian Beach is trying to be dog friendly - a difficult thing to do in Queensland with it's State laws forbidding dogs within eating areas (outside).  Owners can be fined $200 and cafe proprietors $2,000 if dogs are in eating areas.  The group Pups in Paradise have organised a petition - if you live in Queensland you are able to sign it.  PLEASE SIGN IT (pleads Skye)