Monday 1 February 2010

Bright, Northeast Victoria

As we have an appointment on Monday 1st February to see Darryl at Murray Valley Motorhomes in Strathmerton to get a quote on a few things that need looking at in the motorhome I reluctantly leave Danni and Numurkah and head north.

We were planning on going to Dead River Beach on the Murray at Cobram, but it’s so hot and as there are 2 weeks before Daryl does the work we decide to keep on driving in air-conditioned comfort and head over to Bright were it’s a bit greener and, hopefully, cooler.
 Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese Omelettes for dinner - really roughing it!  The dogs are ever hopeful
 Campsite with Snowy Creek in the background
There’s a lovely walk on the far side of the creek - the dogs love walking along the shady lane
Skysie hiding in the grasses next to the creek
On Thursday night (4th February), along with the rest of Victoria, we had tremendous thunderstorms and tropical downpour of rain here - as you can see from the photo below I'm camped very close to the water's edge.  At around 2am I was shining the torch out the window just to make sure that the creek hadn't broken it's banks!  It did come up quite a bit higher but fortunately didn't flood into the campsite.