Tuesday 1 November 2011

Back in Bright

First off a couple of days at the leafy Bright Caravan park catching up on laundry and enjoying easy access to the town and especially Food, Wine & Friends a good cafe/deli.
Bright Caravan Park

Then it was time to head off to probably my favourite free camp spot nearby —

joining me were Allan and the Kelly family (who I originally met at Calliope). They were a rather sad bunch of Kellys this time as their dog Ralphie had to be euthanised as he'd been badly affected by paralysis ticks. Ralph was a lovely, friendly, energetic little personality and his presence is much missed.
This photo of our campsite gives some indication of why they are known as the "Kellybillys" !!  

It's early spring in Australia and this Alpine area was spectacular in it's lush greenery - including abundant grass at the campsite.

Charli & Ash

The boys doing what they do best …

whilst the women do all the work — well some of them