Tuesday 18 June 2013

More Yanchep …

It was only a short hop across Yanchep, , to the next petsit again for folks who were returning to the UK, this time for a family wedding.

From the relative calm of Sid & Hector's home it was all go with the trio of Bella and Milo, the pugs and Squirt the jug (pug/jack russell).

This photo is a typical evening with us all snuggled up on the two-seater settee — (top—bottom) Squirt, Bella, Levi, Milo and myself.
Milo enjoyed just hanging out on the sofa when he wasn't joining us on the patio.

Bella and myself enjoyed a nice cup of tea or a nap whilst the boys and Squirt keep a sharp lookout for any crumbs or cats from next door that dared enter their territory.

It was lovely to have a short visit from Barry & Diana with Tilley taking the dog population to 5! Tilley also is a very sociable dog and she really loved playing with Levi and Squirt the younger members of the group.

We enjoyed a walk on the foreshore at Two Rocks and then dinner at the Yanchep Inn which was built in 1936 and is situated in Yanchep National Park.
Levi just loved the little guys here and they were quite happy to share their bed with him (afterall he shared his (and my) bed with them!)