Thursday 9 May 2013


Following on, in the new housing development at Yanchep, was petsitting Sid the 16 year old blue heeler and Hector the cat.

First thing on the agenda was a trip to Perth Airport to drop off Sid and Hector's young family who were heading back to the UK for a few weeks.

Sid at 16 and pretty well deaf and blind still manages to jump around like a young pup when food appears.

Mr Hector on the other hand is pretty laid back — he appears at his leisure, to demand feeding and then retires to the warmest spot.
Yanchep itself is a bit lacking in cafes but I managed to find one at Two Rocks, which is about 10kms to the north.  Neptune's cafe overlooks the marina and is the perfect spot to spend an hour or two in the sunshine over lunch