Thursday 20 December 2012

Kendenup and Bassendean

Over the past few weeks I've been pet sitting near Perth, it's been good having some doggie company again and because all the dogs were totally different from Skye in both personality and looks its been a happy experience. As a bonus I've also met some really lovely folks ☺

My first "sittee" was the bouncy, enthusiastic and general lover-of-life, cocker spaniel ... Levi

Followed by the menagerie of:

  • the regal, gentle Jett and the happy, ball obsessed Ruby both gorgeous, super-friendly, flat coated retrievers, and
  • the smoochy and bed-hogging Sylvester and the elusive Priscilla, the moggies
It's been rather hot in Perth this past week and I've enjoyed keeping cool in the lovely outdoor living area complete with spa ...