Friday 24 June 2011

Poona (no we're not in India)

This past week I've been camped in the tiny hamlet of Poona in South East Queensland it's just across the Great Sandy Strait from Fraser Island and is a marine wonderland with fish, turtles, dolphins, mangroves, seagrass pastures, sand crabs, birdlife and dugong.......oh, I nearly forgot, there's a sign warning about crocodiles!  The locals tell me they've never seen one so Skye has been allowed to paddle near the water's edge-with me keeping a sharp lookout.

Skye has been having a very sociable time here, there are lots of other doggie friends and for a couple of nights we had a young family parked next to us who came from Bairnsdale - young Cameron and Skye were really delightful together.

We have a really lovely campsite at Poona Palms Caravan Park - right on the water.  In 2004 when Danni & myself visited this park in our Troopie camper Don & Pauline had just purchased the park and I am happy to say they are still here.  They've continued the tradition of a free sausage sizzle on Saturday nights and during June-August they have reisdent musicians (Rocket & Ally) for happy hour each day, mainly country music but also some bush poetry.