Saturday 11 June 2011

Esk - an Old Fashioned Town

IMG 0290

The small township of Esk in south eastern Queensland still retains much of the old fashioned values of community participation. Whilst there for another week long sojourn Colleen and myself enjoyed the delights of the local cafes, especially "Our Place" at the top end of town, with it's delightful surroundings and staff - Skye and Max both love it there

IMG 0309IMG 0307
Another day we joined some of the locals for a "penny auction" in aid the local hospital - not really an auction, more of a lucky draw. You purchase a sheet of numbers (or if you're feeling generous a few sheets) and they then proceed to auction off 3 items at a time - you put any amount of numbers into the draw and see what comes out

some quite surprising things ....................... don't the folks look thrilled!.

IMG 0300
 I didn't win anything, fortunately, there wouldn't have been room in the motorhome for most of the stuff, but Colleen won a "lovely" Barbie tray which was just what she needed!

IMG 0321
On Saturday afternoon whilst walking in the park we saw a group of children attending a community exercise day