Friday 13 August 2010


Kinbombi Falls Campsite
After the main safari Laurie, Val, Barry and myself decided to do a bit more exploring and after a second night at Kumbia we headed to Kinbombi Falls - another free camp.

This is a lovely, quiet spot about 4kms off the main road.

On the property next door there
were cattle in a large yard

It was a cold night so we needed a

Timmy & Skye WANT Mr Val's Pie - right NOW!

At the moment we're in Maryborough - at the Scout camp just north of the town - a lovely rural spot.

Both Laurie and myself were feeling a bit starved for cafes so at the first opportunity we were off to find the best that Maryborough has to offer.  Our choice....Muddy Waters Cafe, right on the water at the marina on the Mary River.

My choice - a crisp, flakey croissant with smoked salmon and herbed mascarpone - DEEeeelicious.