Wednesday 14 July 2010

déjà vu

Oh no, I can hear you saying not another change in plans, what else can this woman do to get attention!

Here's the saga - if you don't want to read all the details just skip to the end......

  • Last Friday morning in hospital one of the Consultants,  Dr Wittman, said he didn't think I needed the ERCP procedure (putting the dye up pancreas and finding leak and then inserting a stent), then on the Saturday morning before leaving the Registrar said Dr Chang had phoned (he was up in Townsville lecturing) and he wanted to book me in for the ERCP on thursday!  I asked the Registrar to find out if the 2 Consultants were conferring with each other and what was actually happening?
  • On Monday Ward 8B phoned and asked if I was staying overnight Thursday - told them I didn't know so they transferred me to the Consultants nurse - she said they'd get in touch.  
  • On Tuesday she phoned and said no procedure this week, but they wanted to do it in the "near future" and wanted me to come in next Wednesday for a "review" appointment.  I said I was having trouble with the vagueness and having to stay around Brisbane indefinitely (am staying on friend's property here) and that there were other people involved so I didn't want to come in for review next week and I was going to go north till I heard something definite from them. 

Today at 2pm Dr Chang phoned - he gave me some extra information and apologised for their bad communication - they've been discussing the case - what they're worried about is a large compressed vein which is possibly an aneurysm - he's worried that one of the stents might burst it (if it is an aneurysm) - he wants to do the ERCP and remove that stent.  They are booking me in for an ultrasound and the procedure next Thursday 22nd July.

Stay tuned for the next instalment - feels a bit like Days of Our Lives........

Oh, and by the way I'm still feeling pretty good!