Friday 11 June 2010

Brisbane - Hospital Visit

GOOD NEWS - have just been discharged after 3 nights in the Mater Hospital here in Brisbane.  Last Tuesday had an appointment with a respiratory specialist, Simon Bowler, regarding my chronic cough ( have had it for over a year since being in ICU in 2009) - the lung function tests were all normal so he's still looking, but it's probably bronchitis infection - seeing him again on 29th June.

He did some blood tests and phoned me a couple of hours after I left his surgery saying that my Lipase levels were 1577 (normal levels 10-150) and CRP (inflammation) were 66 (normal level <10), so after discussions with hepatobiliary and gastro doctors decided to admit me to hospital.

There I languished until today - hooked up to a drip with saline and not being allowed ANYTHING by mouth - UGH - blood being extracted every day for testing and trips to the X-ray department for 2 lots of CT scans and cannulas being inserted and reinserted for both the drip and contrast fluid for the CT.

Not too bad really and after the first day when both lipase and CRP levels dropped my energy levels came up again which helped a lot.

The outcome of all this is they have decided it's time to drain the pseudo-cyst (or collection) in the pancreatic bed so have an appointment next Thursday 17th June at the Mater Hospital with an overnight stay. Gastroenterologist is Dr Linus Chang