Sunday 4 April 2010

Derrinallum to Berwick

Well it’s been a few weeks since I updated this - we’ve travelled from Creswick to Derrinallum then Berwick before finally settling in Eagle Point for the Easter break.

First off a brief medical update - I was scheduled to have the pancreatic pseudo-cyst drained at St Vincents but, after a CT scan, the surgeons decided not to go ahead.  Apparently unless I’m symptomatic they feel it’s too dangerous to operate, and as the cyst is “slightly smaller” they have given me a reprieve until October when they’ve scheduled another scan.

Mt Elephant
After a short drive from Creswick we arrived at Derrinallum, a lovely small town, with a population of around 300.  It’s most “famous” landmark is Mt Elephant - an extinct volcano. They’re very welcoming to travellers, providing free camping around the recreation ground (toilets and water) which is just a short walk from the town.  The town has an IGA, post office, op shop, garage and pub [unfortunately no cafe :-)]

The boat club Jetty and "Deep Lake"
The area is resplendent with dry stone walls created from the abundant volcanic rocks in the area
Next stop was Berwick where we stayed at Akoonah Park - a lovely treed setting in the showgrounds (a plus is the market held there every Sunday), they charge $15 per night for powered site and they have newly built toilet facilities, if you need them.

Whilst in Melbourne I drove up into the Dandenongs to visit my friends Peter and Ilse - they live in Olinda on a sloping large block covered with tree ferns and gum trees - a really peaceful setting.
Peter and Ilse (Peter was doing a bit of home maintenance, hence the paint spattered t-shirt!)

Skye here - we have regular visits from my mate Tim - here he is lying outside the front door waiting to come in to check my food bowl and drink my very superior water (the grass is greener......)

Oh the indignity of it - I rolled in some especially wonderful excreta but unfortunately it didn't appeal to Annie (humans have no taste), so I had to undergo the ultimate indignity - A SHOWER ##@%*
Love my new spotty collar