Saturday 5 September 2009

First visit to see Danni at Numurkah

Well we've just returned from both my first trip away and first visit to see Danni at her new home.  It was really lovely to see her again, although I was very nervous wondering if she'd a) remember me or b) "snub me" as she had done with some of the people from the Respite house where she'd stayed for 4 months before moving to her new home; as it was she gave a really gorgeous smile and pulled me down to sit next to her on the sofa, under her doona!
We went in Laurie's motorhome (along with Skye and Timmy the dogs)  travelling via friends in Melbourne, then up to Numurkah for a couple of days before heading over to Wangaratta to visit the Sisters for a night, then back home again via Melbourne - quite a busy schedule covering around 1,300kms and seeing lots of people on the way. I didn't really feel tired until on the way home - went to bed VERY early (around 6pm) and slept through till the next morning