Thursday 23 April 2009

More on Annie's progress that I skipped writing

Hi again

Re-reading the last blog page, I realise I skipped blogging for a few weeks during the time Annie was in a medical ward at Bairnsdale Hospital. At first she needed a few days sleep to recover from the 4 hour ambulance ride fom Melbourne (with an Argentinian beginner-ambo at the wheel.) On day 3 I brought Skye in for her first visit. Annie came outdoors in a wheelchair to the lovely gardens in front of the hospital and sat in the sun. Skye was very surprised to see her, especially in that setting I guess, and quite taken aback that first time. By the third time, Skye and Tim knew where we were going and who we were going to see and were anticipating.
Every time we visited was better and today Skye was overjoyed to see Annie in the rehab courtyard garden and ran right up to her wagging her whole Cairn body. Of course today, Annie was sitting in a garden chair wearing clothes and definitely looking like her real self.

Pam has more to say!
Annie has been doing physio once, sometimes twice, a day and her walking skills are improving. She is enjoying the meals and the hospital cooks even deliver fresh fruit salads. I am going to pop in and see her again tomorrow on my way to Melbourne to see my family. I can't wait to get together when Annie is back in her motorhome and we can camp out again.