Friday 23 January 2009

Friday 23rd Jan - a busy few days of recuperation

Hi Everyone

From all reports Annie has had a busy three days and is making good progress. In that time her friend Penny has been to visit on the Wednesday morning and Annie was able to speak a few words while they examined the cards, emails and photos that so many people have sent while she was in ICU. Annie has, at this point, very little memory of that 6 weeks and thinks she was there a couple of days. (After 11 anaesthetics, perhaps that is a good thing.)

On Wednesday afternoon, her good friends Jim & Linda went to see her on their way to the airport to fly home to Scotland after 12 months of motorhoming around Oz. They were able to bring a bouquet to Annie, the first flowers in 6 weeks.

Meanwhile, physios and nurses have been doing their thing with Annie, but I can't quite work out what because Annie can't use the phone yet.

On Friday I had an email from Sister Avrill, a hospital chaplain who has been visiting since Annie went into St Vincent's.
Sister Avrill wrote:
I've just come back from seeing Anne, and am amazed at the improvement in her. She's beginning to look like the old Anne again. The nasal/gastro tube is still there, and so is the tracheotomy.
Anne asked me to ask you to convey her heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been praying for her and thinking of her, and tell them how very grateful she is.

She has even started reading a book now, though can only manage about a page at a time. Talking is still a bit of an effort, and she coughed quite a bit, but was still really anxious to talk. It must be such a relief to be able to communicate after all those frustrating weeks. It's so good to see how she has progressed."

Great news!!

Cheers, Laurie