Saturday 13 December 2008

Update on Annie - Dec 13

Hello Annie's friends

It is 4 days since the operation and Annie is still sleeping peacefully in an induced coma while her body heals. The ICU staff say she is tranquil and not in pain. They have stopped morphine but had to put her on a different sedation so she doesn't gag on the ventilator. Looks like they will probably do a tracheotomy on Monday so they will be able to gradually withdraw ventilation until she can breathe on her own. Her kidneys are still affected by infection from the pancreatitis and not working well. Summary: she might possibly be another fortnight in ICU.

Danni is having a lovely time with her carers at the respite house she knows and loves and they will be taking her to various Christmas parties and homes over the holidays.

Skye is her usual jovial, social self -- and nicely slimmed down. Annie's friends Penny & Ian almost didn't recognise her from 12 months ago.

Cheers, Laurie