Tuesday 23 December 2008

Tues 23rd - Annie is properly awake!

What great news last night! Annie was very much awake and alert during the day and in the evening I spoke "at" her for 10 minutes on the phone while it rested next to her ear. She still can't say anything in response as the tracheotomy is open, but the nurse assured me she understood what I was saying and was reacting. I told her all about Skye and Danni, how I was in touch with so many of her friends and how everyone (including her Motorhome Forum friends) has been cheering her on.

Apparently the next step will be when she can breathe totally on her own (which is very close)- she will leave ICU and go back to her room in the Hepatobiliary Unit. Much to my surprise this might even be on the afternoon of Wed 24th, or possibly on Christmas Day. What a great pressie!

After that the tracheotomy will have voice valves inserted so Annie can talk and the physios will begin to mobilise her using standing and walking frames. I'll keep you posted.

Cheerio, Laurie