Friday 22 August 2008

Mataranka - Bitter Springs

This was our third visit to Mataranka, we especially like the Bitter Springs which are larger and more natural than the springs at Mataranka Homestead … not to mention less crowded — coaches come into the Homestead springs!

We stayed at a good caravan park about 300 metres from the springs (dog friendly), very relaxed atmosphere and feels like bush camping as you're looking into the forest with fan palms etc, wallabies and lots of birdlife and the Little Roper River at the far end (in unpowerered section).

The water is around 32 C and the pools are deep (well over my head), you can swim around 100 metres down a narrow channel — the hard part is coming back as there's a deceptively strong current.

There's a lovely palm lined walk around the Bitter Springs
with a good safe entry place with steps and handrails. Danni loved sitting on the steps and splashing everyone who got out of or into the water — she then gave them her most charming, cheeky smile so was instantly forgiven! Women Power!!
Skye was pretty keen to get into Vanda's little camper. Biker (her dog) wasn't so keen.

We visited the Homestead Springs and Danni enjoyed a cool drink at the cafe there