Thursday 18 July 2013

Ocean Reef

Next stop, Ocean Reef just a bit further south and closer to Perth, but still on the coast. Here we shared our life with Molly the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Missy the Beagle two really delightful individuals.

Molly, Missy and Levi just love lounging about on the sofa in between walks to their favourite off-lead dog park which is close by — Levi is the black blob on the left of the photo! Usually Molly claims the back of the sofa but Missy must have beaten her to it in this instance. They both like lying near me when we're sitting together, so cosy especially on a winter's evening.
At the park there are many friends to meet including this Border Collie puppy a special friend to Molly and Levi.

Missy, being a Beagle spends most of her time sniffing around with tail in the air and nose to the ground.