Wednesday 8 February 2012

Upper Natone

Unfortunately we had to cut short our planned week-long stay at Stanley as a gale-force north easterly ripped the Kelly's annexe from the main tent so we quickly de-camped to calmer pastures.

The Upper Natone Recreation Ground is a quiet, though rather isolated, spot with  a really handy shelter area during a very wet few days.  We spent the time mainly nattering away but also catching up with some washing.

When the sun returned we headed back to the coast, stopping off at Table Cape where some of us went for walks whilst others admired the view.  This tulip photo was taken in 2006 on a previous trip. 

Tulips bloom here during October and are an awesome sight.  When the tulips are finished opium poppies are grown (for the pharmaceutical market).

Boat Harbour Beach is a lovely remote little bay where you can freedom camp for a couple of days.  There's a great cafe there with yummy deserts (just ask Simonne!!)

The lovely Simonne and Trent, aka The Kellybillies