Tuesday 17 January 2012

Summer — at last

Summer has at last arrived in Tasmania and today, at Hamilton, as I sit by the effervescing creek, eating cherries the size of plums (thanks to the nearby cherry pickers!) it truly feels good to be alive.
It wasn't quite the same story last night though when Skye disappeared for an hour — there were at least 5 of us searching and calling her but no sound did she make.  Finally, in desperation, I looked down the 2 metre high riverbank beside the motorhome and there she was …  not a peep out of her through all the calling of her name … she was just sitting there patiently waiting to be rescued.

She must have gone down to do a bit of paddling and couldn't get back up the steep bank.  One of the young folks here climbed down and passed her up to me, thank goodness as I wouldn't have been able to get down where she was.

Hamilton is a tiny hamlet with a very good campsite complete with showers, toilets, water, electric barbeques, children's playground and a dump point.  At present the cost is $5 per vehicle.  The town has a couple of cafes, fuel and a pub.

This is a view of the campsite on the Clyde River — taken from the toilet area.
Hamilton "main street"