Tuesday 24 January 2012

Queenstown in the Western Wilderness

The area around Queenstown has some of the most ruggedly beautiful countryside I have seen —it appeals very strongly to the Scottish part of me!

Queenstown (once the world's richest mining town) is set in an almost surreal moonscape, partly natural but mostly due to the copper and gold mining that has gone on for over a century.
Revegetation is slowly occurring and the town is starting to experience a revival and is now home to a small but thriving arts community, and has inspired writers, painters, photographers and historians by both its unique beauty and history. This is reflected in the Heritage and Arts Festival which has been held yearly since 2010.

There are a number of historic buildings spread throughout the town which has an last-frontier feel to it — no cafe lattes here (yet) though.
The Western Wilderness is dotted with many beautiful lakes which are a walker and fisherman's paradise.  Bronte Lagoon is just one of many hundreds.

Skye's Scottish heritage likes this area as well!