Wednesday 15 June 2011

Give me Moore

Just up the road from Esk is the tiny village of Moore with a great free campsite, complete with power, lovely shady trees, toilets and barbeque.

There are only three shops in the town and TWO of them are cafes - just my sort of place!

Pol's Place is open 7 days a week and although it looks like a Greasy Spoon from the outside, the food there is very good and she makes all the cakes and biscuits herself.  There is also a good selection of local produce including Maleny "Afrika" chutneys and marinades.

My favourite though is Kai Lounge which unfortunately (or fortunately for my budget) is only open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday BUT it is open for breakfast, lunch and Dinner.

On my arrival in Moore it was closed but I was drawn to the place by both Allison the owner's philosophy which is on a printed sheet in the window,
We are endeavouring to create a communal, respectful space with a relaxed & friendly, all welcome atmosphere.  Whether you want to curl up on a couch and browse the magazines with a cup of coffee.....have a snack...or a sit down meal with drinks and the lot, everyone is welcome to do their thing here......We use organic and/or local produce where possible.
as well as the menu
Kai savoury French toast - A thick slice of crusty ciabatta, soaked in egg and pan fried in butter, drizzled with maple syrup, topped with crispy bacon
Kai Croissant and butter pudding - drizzled with Amaretto, served with cream or ice-cream 
On the Monday "Queen's Birthday" holiday (yes, we do have a holiday for that in Australia) a local farmer was selling whole Jap Pumpkins from the back of his Ute for $3 each (I purchased a smaller one for $2) - freshly picked that morning.

Well I think Skye is a Treasure and as she's 13 now she's nearly Retro.
Dog's are not allowed into eating areas in Queensland and so Skye was relegated to the kerbside, much to her chagrin.