Saturday 30 October 2010

Just realised it's a special anniversary today

Two years ago today I became ill with necrotising pancreatitis and I've just been re-reading the blog entries that Laurie made during that time (December 2008 - June 2009) and am left feeling very humbled and grateful to be sitting here in the sunshine in Queensland.  It now feels like a lifetime ago and I guess in a sense it is.  Two years ago I couldn't have imagined all the things that would have happened during that time -

  • the 13 operations  
  • the 6 weeks in ICU - 
  • the tracheostomy and life support  
  • being PEG fed then slowly learning to eat again  
  • learning to turn over in bed, then get out of bed and slowly beginning walking again.

Who'd have thought then I'd be back on the road and enjoying life - certainly not me - at one point it seemed like I'd never get out of that jolly bed ever again!  But thanks to lots of hard work from many people who usually worked harder, and cared more, than I did myself, it's happened.

I'll always be grateful for the wonderful care and support I received from many people - among them the Sisters of the Community of Christ the King for their prayers; the Surgeons and Doctors at St Vincents Hospital in Melbourne (and latterly Dr Linus Chang and Dr Johannes Wittman at the Mater Hospital in Brisbane); the Nursing Staff, OTs, Physios, Social Workers, Chaplains and Dietitians at both St Vincents and Bairnsdale Hospitals.  Last, but by no means least, everyone who visited me in Shepparton, Melbourne and Bairnsdale (or sent cards and letters) especially my friend Laurie who faithfully and skillfully took on the responsibility of advocating for Danni, caring for Skye (for 8 months) and taking over all my paperwork and banking, she certainly is an amazing and generous person.  Thank you Laurie!

"The Pack" Laurie, Annie, Skye & Timmy
So, here I am in Queensland at the end of the first stage of this years' travels and about to embark on the next adventure - Tasmania - we're heading over on the ferry for a few month's summer exploring.