Sunday 12 September 2010

Bundaberg to Esk

Oh, my goodness, how time has flown and I've forgotten the name of some of the towns we've passed through, one place I couldnt forgot though is Bundaberg - we stayed for a week at Arthur and Wendy's place - managing to squeeze our motorhomes (and theirs) onto their normal-sized block.

Arthur and Wendy are two of the friendliest, most hospitable people I've met - what a lovely relaxing time  - morning tea (or breakfast for me) and lunch on their patio and lovely dinners inside.  THANK YOU Arthur and Wendy.

It wasn't relaxing for Skysie though as she was in full-on HUNT MODE - watch out lizards and skinks.

We drove west from Bundaberg through Gin Gin (pretty little town with a good campground at the showgrounds just behind the town) - excellent bakery cafe there with the BEST fresh crab sandwiches.

First night's camp at Chowey Bridge was so peaceful we stayed for 2 nights. It's a lovely rural spot down a dusty, road with scenic railway like hills - but worth the drive.

Chowey Railway (disused) Bridge
- out in the middle of nowhere.

As neither of us had been to Towoomba we decided to head there for a few days - we found the showgrounds no problem - it's the only camping place in Towoomba that allows dogs - when we arrived there were THOUSANDS of vehicles there - oh dear - the annual Agricultural Show - no problem it's the last day so we'll just camp temporarily in the car park and move into the showgrounds the next morning - OR SO WE THOUGHT.

A "peaceful" campsite at Towoomba
After an enjoyable few hours wandering around the show I found a good flat parking spot in the carpark and settled in for the night.

Oh, no - till around midnight much revving and clanking of heavy machinery and yelling and swearing of instructions on how BEST to move machinery onto trucks.  This was repeated the next morning from 7am (middle of the night for me!).

Laurie brilliantly remembered that a friend, Colleen, was camped in the village of Esk nearby and was very enthusiastic about the town. A quick phonecall to the caravan park there and it was all sorted - we were headed for Esk.

Well, Esk certainly lives up to Colleen's recommendations - it's a really pretty, extremely friendly town - it reminds me a lot of Bright in Victoria, both set in lovely valleys.

Esk Main Street
The other necessity that Esk has, and in abundance, are good cafes. There's Sticky Fingers, Enigma, Serenity and my favourite Our Place.

Our place is set in the historic Esk Homestead and Trevor the chef/owner cooks everything from scratch - almost a daily visit is made there as Colleen is a cafe nut as well.

Our Place at Esk