Tuesday 22 June 2010

More Boring Hospital Stuff

Finally allowed out of hospital at lunchtime today :)
  • 2 nights spent in 3 different areas
  • 10 hours in casualty (in a cubicle at the "serious" end - i.e. had 2 heart attack people next to me - scarey!) attached to every machine you can think of
  • First night they moved me to "out the back" of emergency in the observation area - not as noisy as casualty but didn't get much sleep, 
  • then for Monday night moved to a ward (at 5pm) - lovely and quiet in my own room - could close the door :)
In the end it was an acute pancreatitis attack (the pseudocyst is still encapsulated - I was worried that it had burst) so surgeon is going to fast forward my procedure - having an MRI Saturday afternoon (need to get it done elsewhere as the hospital one is having it's magnets replaced and has 5 weeks downtime - apparently it involved use of a crane so is a big operation.)

Waiting now to get an appointment, but, as 2 surgeons are doing the procedure they have to check each other's schedules! - it's takes about 5 hours so involves a whole afternoon list.

Talk about logistic's problems!

Happy to be back in the motorhome and have Skye safely back with me - she spent the past days with Carmen and Peter who kindly came to my rescue and picked her up on Sunday morning, arriving just before the ambulance, so Carmen was able to pack a bag, with me lying there and between moans and groans gasping out where things were - she did a GREAT job, even putting in my electric toothbrush - thanks Carmen and Peter.

Joan picked me up at lunchtime which was really helpful - thank you muchly also Joan.

Another 2 examples of the friendliness of the motorhoming fraternity