Wednesday 30 June 2010

Finally have a Date

Just got back from seeing the specialist at the Mater Hospital here in Brisbane.  My pseudocyst has grown - now 12x9cm whew!  They've booked an endoscopy procedure to drain cyst through the stomach and put in a stent and also (if I'm doing ok under the anaesthetic) to put a dye through pancreas with a camera guided procedure to discover where the leak is and then, if possible, put a stent in there as well.  If they're not able to do the second procedure that day will do it later.  Date is Thursday 8th July 12noon.

Am hoping it can all be over and done with in the one go.

Surgeons are Dr Linus Chang for first procedure and,

Dr Johannes Wittman for second (more complicated) procedure, but they will be present for both procedures,
After graduating from UQ, Dr Wittmann worked at The Princess Alexandra Hospital for five years. He trained in Western Sydney for two years and then spent another two years in London as a Fellow in Pancreatobiliary Medicine at The Middlesex Hospital (now University College Hospital) before returning to Brisbane with his young family. His general gastroenterology practice has a procedural slant with a special interest in interventional ERCP.
Dr Chang said that it's a relatively uncommon procedure, the surgeon he worked with in Perth probably only performed 1 or 2 of these procedures a year - nice to be a bit different!