Tuesday 15 June 2010


As you'll see from the previous post we made it to Queensland and for the past 2 weeks have been camped at a friend's property about 18km from central Brisbane - magnificent place, lush and green, lots of trees, native grasses and a small dam.

The dam has visiting egrets and ducks, whilst doing a bit of ride on mower work I cleared a path so we could walk safely there.

Russ and Barb, friends from Paynesville, their cat Bailey and motorhome, have joined us for a few days and so we're looking like a mini motorhome park. Russ took Bailey (a Tonkinese) for a walk each day on his harness — only where he (the cat that is) wanted to go though.

During the week 10 other motorhome friends joined us for lunch and between us we managed to put on quite a spread.
Tomorrow (Thursday) it's off to hospital for the endoscopic drainage procedure— am first on the list so they'll be starting on me at 1.30pm, if you'd like to think of me then.

More news when I'm able…