Saturday 13 February 2010

Bright to Kyffins Reserve

My friend Pam, who is also spending a couple of years travelling, joined us for a few days at Bright - Pam is returning from a trip up north to visit her family in Cobram - it was good to catch up with her again.

After leaving Bright we spent a couple of nights at Yarrawonga Caravan Park restocking with water, cleaning, and washing clothes, with the very occasional visit to Nosh Deli Cafe - my favourite spot in Yarrawonga. The only sad part was they don’t seem to have “puppacinos” anymore - when they first opened they used to offer Skye a doggy bowl with warm, frothy, skim milk with chocolate sprinkles.

Our Campsite on the Murray River at Yarrawonga

 Onwards to New South Wales ....... a very long trip....... at least 7kms to Kyffins Reserve on Lake Mulwala. This is a great free-camping spot - very large, flat (Laurie is very thankful) and right on the lakefront.

Whilst sitting inside on the computer I glanced outside and was entranced by this view

Skye has had a word in my ear and she’s said she doesn’t think it’s right that Timmy (Laurie’s dog) has his own blog and she never gets any say in mine. So I’ve decided to give her a “voice”.  Skysie’s input will appear in italics.

Oh boy, oh boy now this blog will get some class! I’m having a great time - lots of visiting other camper’s barbeques, sniffing, paddling in creeks and running FREE. This place is the best, it’s officially an off-lead exercise area so I can come and go as I please. Poor Tim, he’s a bit of a larrikin and can’t be trusted to come back so he’s restricted to walking with his Driver - to make him feel better I accompany them on their walks - I usually return with them but a couple of times Annie has had to call me - I always come then - she might have some more delicious watermelon for me.

Christmas is over so Timmy and I decide to have a tug-a-war with Santa Bear