Tuesday 5 January 2010

Week 1 Sale and Port Albert

THIS IS IT … LEAVING DAY … am feeling quite excited, but it also feels very natural and right —it's  almost like I never stopped being able to do this … the mind is amazing.

Get everything organised inside vehicle and then attend to the hitching up. Use the Jimny to push trailer out onto driveway and straighten it up — all going well so far … then reverse the Alpine back to trailer, use camera and make it 2nd go (first time I was looking at the shadow of towbar, not the real thing!). Pull out the ramps on trailer (easypeasy) then drive the car up — OOps there seems to be a big bounce - go round to front of trailer - I FORGOT to lock down the ball and the trailer has bounced off - fortunately have really strong chains and they are crossed so trailer isn’t on the ground. Quick phone call to Ian Bond and he comes to the rescue - again. He jacks up the a-frame with his hydraulic jack and it’s AOK again.

Triumphantly drive out of Jean’s (with Jean filming me) feeling like a million dollars - I’m “on the road again”.

Have 2pm booking at VicRoads to get the trailer re-registered - first off go to Ian Bond’s shed and he replaces the number plate lights which broke off when I backed over a post in Katherine. The inspection goes well — everything OK am now official and legal.

Laurie is going to be a bit later so I decide to go on ahead to Sale - the POI for the showgrounds is in Camps 4 on Tom Tom - 64 kms - takes me right there. It’s a big showground - room for all sized rigs - not much shade for bigger rigs, but I manage to grab the last spot. Lots of trees around the oval for smaller vehicles.

We have a celebratory meal at the Greyhound Races Club which is on the same property - seems a bit expensive and had to wait a long time for the meal, but drinks very reasonable - tonic water with lemon $2. We also both see our very first greyhound race - all 2 seconds of it as they flash past - the dogs really seem to enjoy racing though as there are lots of wagging tails at the end. The rabbit was funny - hot pink terry towelling with white ears.


Our next campsite is at the racecourse in Port Albert - it's free if you don't need power, $5 pv with power.  Lots of space and quite green and bushy, it's quite difficult to find though - as you come into Port Albert you turn left at the first roundabout - signposted Tarraville and Racecourse - travel a couple of kilometres then turn left into a dirt road signposted "Racecourse" and "RV" - travel a kilometre along this laneway and you're there.
Port Albert is a pretty little place with Norfolk Pines lining the harbour and a very good fish and chip shop on the wharf http://www.wildfishrestaurant.com.au/ it was voted in the top 3 fish restaurants in Victoria - from the takeaway shop the Seafood Basket at $8.50 was exceptional value.  Skye and Timmy thought so too!