Tuesday 12 May 2009

May 13 - More progress

Hi everyone

Every day is a good day for Annie now, well almost -she did sick up a couple of times in the past few weeks. But hey - last Saturday she popped into the passenger seat of her very own Jimny, we stowed the wheely-walker in the back and took the dogs and ourselves off to Bruthen to her favourite cafe for afternoon tea. Annie's first latte in almost 8 months! Two hours later I delivered her back to the hospital door and she went and had a nice rest.

Annie is doing physio daily in the gym, and ramping it up now to twice daily. The dogs and I visit a few times a week in the big sunny courtyard off the rehab ward and partake of lunch with Annie and the other dog-loving "inmates".

The medical side is proceeding well too: she had an 8 hour return trip to St Vincents in Melbourne by ambulance 10 days ago and they were pleased with her progress and took out the PEG feeding tube. The final drain still needs to come out and the intravenous antibiotics still have another fortnight to run. Hopefully both of those will cease by end May... then the countdown will begin!

We are working on our own well-designed "normalcy program", and drove down the street to another cafe this afternoon - with the dogs of course. Tomorrow I'm driving Annie to the hairdressers in the afternoon. Hopefully on Saturday she will feel up to attending a friend's housewarming party.

Cheers from Laurie, Tim and Skye