Monday 9 March 2009

March 9 - Annie is outdoors enjoying the sun

Hi all

Just had a pic on my mobile phone of Annie sitting in the courtyard of St Vincents. Two of the nurses took her out. Her face is looking a lot thinner. She told me she needs to build up her muscles with protein drinks and gain a bit more muscle-weight.
Some of those drinks aren't going down too well yet.

On Wednesday past, Danni left the short term respite house in Numurkah where she has been since Oct 31st. She is now living - quite happily - with a care-giver in a 2 bedroom unit very near her daytime support/training centre, Novas, in Numurkah. The unit is run by Northern Disability Services, who have been extremely supportive and helpful over the past few weeks since we first made contact with them. Annie joins me in sending huge bouquets of thanks to the staff and management of the DHS respite house in Mae St who took such good care of Danni over the past 4 months. I know its their job, but they treat their clients like they would treat their own children or parents.

So, we are over one hurdle there and the next step is for the Public Advocate to confirm Numurkah as Danni's new home, hopefully within the next 6 weeks or so. At that point she might be able to move to a supported community residential house with one or two other compatible young women that she knows from Novas.

Cross fingers. The wheels of bureaucracy grind ever so slowly.

Cheers, Laurie

PS - a good sign is that Annie has been getting bored :) So she got the tv service put on over the weekend ....and now she can practice being a tv addict.