Tuesday 31 March 2009

March 31st - BIG News

Hi All

Tomorrow Annie is being transferred by ambulance down to the Bairnsdale Hospital rehab ward! It will be a tiring day for her, but she will then be amongst friends who can visit ... and very close to her beloved Skye. And she can begin some concentrated work on getting her strength back. The Rehab ward has a very good reputation locally.

In the past week she has started to eat regular food - and keep it down as well - also most pleasing.

I have just been to visit Danni in her new unit in Numurkah. Danni is contented and happy, and very well cared for indeed. She was actually excited to see me and had more eye contact and interaction with me than I have ever experienced previously. I brought a big 30 kg bag of her clothing and some of her familiar bed linen, including a sort of Arabian Nights gauze material that Annie had had draped over the top of Danni's bed in the motorhome. Danni was pleased to see her clothes but the material.. she clutched it to her and stopped dead, thinking and reliving memories. Then I thought she was going to cry, but did not quite. She started speaking " mumma mumma mumma mumma" - eg Annie. I immediately rang Annie's mobile and Annie called to her and spoke the words she always used with Danni. Danni knew who it was and looked at and played with the phone. It was very touching.

Over the 24 hours I spent time with her at the lovely Novas Day Centre and went to the park with a group of young adults, played a tossing game with her and others and could see she has made good progress in her interaction with people and with letting them know what she wants. Everyone loves her and she walks around with a big smile on her face.

I also visited the care agency and we all (everyone associated with Danni) fervently hope that things come together (eg DHS funding) so that Danni eventually will live in supported residential accommodation with one or two other compatible young adults and an overnight carer.

Cheers from an Excited Laurie