Sunday 22 February 2009

Feb 22 update

Hi Annie's friends

Annie is making steady progress, though it is much too slow for her taste. Understandably so! It is like taking baby steps when you'd like to be jogging.

This past week she has been "enjoying" jelly and broth, as well as a disgustingly super-sweet fruit drink which contains a multitude of nutrients. Latest tests show that all this is going down correctly, even if Annie is appalled by the taste. Once the doctors have her digestive processes sorted out and she is eating properly - and the bacterial infections have cleared - she should be able to move into a rehab ward.

Every day she is helped from her hospital bed to a big armchair filled with cushions and supports and every day she is there for a longer period of time. Eventually she hopes to transfer herself in and out of bed without the help of the nurses.

Her iPod with audiobooks and podcasts and music is helping pass the time, but time goes very slowly in hospital. I look forward to the day I can deliver her laptop and modem to her. There's a place to while away some time :)

Cheers, Laurie