Saturday 3 January 2009

Jan 3 Update

Today Annie got to sit up for a while in a big bed-like armchair. The ICU nurse-of-the-day told me she was doing quite well with her breathing and had managed 6 hours before needing a rest. Her brother, James, and his wife Maureen were there today for a visit as well.

Yesterday I found out that Annie is being fed a special "food" formula through a nasal tube into her stomach. She needs a lot of calories because of the high fevers. The nurse said that her heart and lungs are coping well, even though every feverish day Annie has is like running a marathon. Back to theatre on Wednesday for another washout and dressing change.

If I haven't said it before -- the ICU nursing staff are just amazing: caring and considerate, compassionate, intelligent and communicative as well.

Cheers, L