Saturday 17 January 2009

Jan 17 - Saturday - Progress to report!

The delightful Linda is nursing Annie again today. And a good day it is too. I love it when the nurses are enthusiastic and can report progress!

Yesterday Anne spoke a few (very soft) and comprehensible words to the hospital social worker while using a speaking valve on her tracheotomy. Today, Linda reports that Annie has been outdoors for half an hour and is at this very moment about to begin work with the physio to get down from her bed and stand up using a frame. Earlier she was able to write a few legible words for the first time. I think she will be tired after this busy day.

I asked Linda to tell her that Skye was dozing in the sun, that Vanda was back in the UK and reunited with her dog, Biker, and that Linda & Jim would be in to see her next week before they fly home to Scotland. Anne acknowledged understanding all that.

Cheers, L