Sunday 11 January 2009

Jan 11 Update

A bit overcast and cool in Melbourne today, apparently, so Annie didn't get another trip outdoors. Mr Nurse says that the ICU doctors are going to change the tracheotomy to a smaller one later today in the hope that they can alleviate some of the coughing fits. Once that happens and Annie doesn't need so much "suctioning out" all the time, they will be able to send her back up to the 7th floor and out of ICU. This nurse says that the ratio of nurses to patients is 1 to 4 on the ward, so they are not able to suction out patients every 5 minutes as is happening with Annie now. He also says that Annie will be on very strong antibiotics for a long, long time in order to get rid of the infections. She still has the high fevers, remember, but is ever so slightly improved.