Wednesday 10 December 2008

Annie had the operation last night 9th Dec

Hello all friends of Annie

Though she was looking pretty good for a few days around the 1st of the month, Annie took a turn for the worse a week ago and the drugs just haven't been able to beat the internal infections caused by the pancreatitis. As she had more and more trouble breathing, she was soon back on oxygen and returned to ICU yesterday morning. The doctors decided to operate before she deteriorated further, though she was not in good shape by then.

I rang at 5:30 this morning and spoke to a doctor in the ICU. He said Annie is classed as "critically ill but stable". The op went nearly 5 hours and they took her gall bladder and part of her pancreas (not sure yet how much). She is on life support and in an induced coma. He said she had multi-organ failure because of the pancreatitis, with her left lung being particularly bad and full of fluid. He said nothing will change today as they have to let her settle down after the op.

I'll update this blog as I find out new information. I'm sure you'll all be sending positive vibes and prayers to our delightful, lively, thoughtful friend: Annie.

If you want to send a card or wishes, the address is

Anne Lindsay
c/In Patient Services Building
St Vincents Hospital
PO Box 2900
Fitzroy Vic 3065

or the exact location is:

Anne Lindsay
St Vincents Hospital
41 Victoria Parade
Fitzroy VIC 3065

Kind regards