Sunday 28 September 2008

Visitors whilst we were at Yungaburra

Whilst we were at the Lakeview Motel and Caravan Park at Yungaburra we had a few visitors - Jim and Linda (from Scotland) and Vanda (and Biker the dog) came to stay for a few days.

No comparisons to the 'Two Fat Ladies' PLEASE!!

Sunset over Lake Tinaroo - we had drinks and nibbles whilst watching the sun set on a number of occasions

Had to put up a couple of tarps to keep rain out of annexe - however after 3 days the sun came out and the Jimny's roof came off again.
Jim took Danni out for a paddle - she LOVED it.
Ducks on Lake Tinaroo
Turtles feasting on a dead Barramundi - UGH
Jim and Vanda (and Biker) went for a paddle to see the turtles and platypus - Skye stood guard for their return.
View from our campsite at Dusk