Friday 13 June 2008

Still in Busselton

We're still in Busselton at the Kookaburra CP — will be here for another week — Danni is going to a respite house in Bunbury next week. It's a lovely house, has a very Italian villa feel to it.

We've been taking things pretty easy the past couple of weeks — we all love going for walks along the pier and foreshore here, the town is also only 600 metres away. We've continued to have good neighbours — recent ones were Carmel and Joe a lovely couple from near Perth. Joe (who is a very gentle person) has a boxing gym and trained boxers. One of their son's Rai Fazio has become a film maker and his film Two Fists, One Heart is due to come out later this year, it was produced by David Elfick

A Princess (sort of)!

Danni at the Wildlife Park - not too impressed

Danni & Carmel enjoying a drink (Carmel — wine, Danni — cola)